Cutie Crochet and Photo Props Rocks!!

I have a newborn session this evening and last night I decided that I desperately want an owl hat as a prop. Nothing like deciding these things last minute! Most photo props that I own are ordered in from the US so I knew there was no way that I could go onto Etsy and purchase something for the session. While trying to decide what I should do, I remembered coming across Cutie Crochet and Photo Props ( ) on Kijji, and then Facebook. I decided that I would give it a shot and message her to see if she had anything in stock. Much to my surprise, Shannon, owner and creator of Cutie Crochet and Photo Props messaged me back right away stating she would whip something up for me! When I picked it up on my lunch break today, I couldn’t stop smiling. She did such an amazing job on such short notice! I just had to share!! I hope to get a few cute pictures the baby I am photographing tonight to share with you all as well. I will definitely be contacting Shannon in the future. 


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