Red Deer Portrait Photographer: I booked my session, now what do I wear!?!

What to wear to a photo session is one of the most common things I am asked. So, I figured, why not write a little post about what to wear and what NOT to wear.

  1. Dress in coordinating colors. But, please know that coordination does NOT mean matching colors. Choose a color scheme that you like and work with it. If your husband/boyfriend/friend/child is wearing a navy blue shirt , you might choose to wear a light blue shirt with a navy blue scarf or other accessory.
  2. Bring layers and accessories that coordinate with everyone’s outfits. I love jewelry, scarves, vests, layered sweaters, etc. This gives some variety to the photos when we switch up the accessories
  3. Avoid logos on clothing. The smaller the logo, the better off you are. You don’t want your family portraits hanging on your walls to look like giant advertising billboards.
  4. Avoid clothing with wild patterns, horizontal stripes, bright white shirts, crazy colors, etc
  5. Shoes can totally make or break and outfit. A great outfit is complete with great shoes. If you own an awesome pair of shoes, wear them! (if the coordinate with the style of the outfit). With that being said, avoid brand new white running shoes. They stand out like a sore thumb. As much as I love buying new runners, please don’t include yours in your family photos. If you don’t want your shoes to stand out, keep with neutral footwear or don’t be afraid to take them off! I love shooting families with bare feet.
  6. Be aware of your location, and dress appropriately. If you’re going somewhere very edgy and urban, wear something sophisticated and dressy. If you’re going somewhere artsy and whimsical, go for trendier styles and fun layers. If you’re going somewhere casual and relaxed, pick an outfit you would feel comfortable lounging around in with your friends.
  7. Dress COMFORTABLY! Be ready to move, run, jump, sit, stand, etc.
  8. When in doubt, bring multiple outfits and I will be happy to lend a suggestion. If we have time, you might even be able to all switch into a second outfit.

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