Red Deer Photographer Studio Tour: Triple Ten Photography Studio

Well, I have exciting news! Some of you may know that over the past few months, my husband and I have been working on converting our second garage into my own studio space.

Previously, any indoor “studio” shots were taken in my unfinished basement of my home. Although this worked OK for the shots, it was a huge pain for me for several reasons. 1. I didn’t feel as though I was representing myself well in an unfinished area of my home. 2. I had to ship my two dogs and husband out of the home every time I had a shoot and 3. It wasn’t pretty down there. Now if you know me, having something be “pretty” is a big deal for me. So, we set to work on the back garage.

It was an absolute disaster when we started. Concrete floors, uneven drywall, screw holes showing, seams untaped and not mudded. Basically, a brand new garage, no where near ready for paint.

I don’t have a true “before photo”. I forgot to take one, so here is one with the walls already painted.

Now let me tell you, my husband and I are not exactly the do it yourself handymen. I take pride in being able to do a lot of different things and do it well, but home renovations really aren’t my thing.

We had no idea how to mud and tape drywall and it was too expensive to hire someone. So, I set to work watching You-tube video after You-tube video. Eventually I got up the courage to go out there and give it a try. After taping one half seam and a couple smaller ones, I decided that there was no way we could do the whole garage on our own.

I started thinking of ways to take the easy way out. Wainscotting! Yes, that will get rid of more than half of the seams!! Well, several hours later, half the wainscotting is up and we realize there just aren’t enough studs in the right places to get the wainscotting to lay flat against the wall… sooooo we take it all down, return the unused portion so we don’t waste all of our money. Then back to the creative drawing board.

My next idea was wallpapering the walls. Now I know what you must be thinking, “You’re crazy!”. I know a lot of people think that wall paper is a really old school way of decorating, but they have come up with some really modern designs! I chose a beadboard design that would resemble wainscotting. I wallpapered half way up all of the walls and I could tell right away it was the right choice! I only had a couple of very ugly seams left to tape (please don’t look carefully when you visit the studio).

We then moved onto the flooring. I was soooooo very lucky to have had basically brand new laminate flooring given to me by a friend (Sabrina and Jessie, I cannot thank you guys enough- this flooring has made the studio complete 🙂 ).
I set to work on laying the flooring, had it half way done and realized I laid down incorrectly (remember, I’m not a do it yourself handman!). Well, it was too late, there was no way I was taking all apart and laying it back down again. I mean, really, who cares if you can see the seams 😉  plus, my back was aching too badly to think about doing it all over again.

Putting up the baseboards and trim were the last steps of the project. Kyle got a brand new chop saw out of the deal and he couldn’t be happier! This is one step I couldn’t do myself and was so happy that Kyle was so excited about his new saw that he didn’t complain about helping 🙂

So, all in all, the studio project went relatively smoothly considering we aren’t handymen. We are both very proud of the studio and so excited to show it off to everyone. Perhaps Triple Ten Studios should have an Open House???

Here are a few photos to show the progress we made (Please excuse some of the photos- they were taken with my iPhone).

As a reminder, the first photo is the “before” photo.

Everything is finished, just waiting for furniture!

Furniture is here! Isn’t it beautiful!? and check out that sweet old fashioned gumball machine! It took up my entire suitcase bringing it home from my vacation in Arizona at the beginning of May.
My shooting space

And last but not least, my desk and workspace
I have quite a bit more decorating work to do here, but I was too excited to hold off sharing with you any longer! Canvases and beautiful framed prints will hopefully be hanging on the walls soon, as well as a new Triple Ten Sign 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
xoxo- Alicia


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4 Responses to Red Deer Photographer Studio Tour: Triple Ten Photography Studio

  1. Sandra says:

    Awesome studio!!! Lucky girl!

  2. Angela says:

    This came out great!! For not being a handyman… you did a great job being creative and getting it all done!!! Such a lucky girl!!!!

  3. Amanda Johnson says:

    Wow. Nice work you two! I love the idea of an open house. You certainly have reason to celebrate!

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