Red Deer NICU Baby Photographer: Jake

Way back in early 2016, Jamie came by my Triple Ten Photography booth at the Rock Your Bump trade show in Red Deer. She was expecting a new baby in a few short months and inquired about photos stating that she was expecting a bit of a stay in the NICU after delivery. We chatted for a few minutes and I explained how it is very common to still be able to do newborn photos once baby is discharged from the NICU and I would of course work with her to get the session she dreamed of if she chose to book with me. Jamie then entered in my draw I had said up for a $200 voucher and went on her way. Much to both of our surprise, when I made the draw a few days later, I drew her name! I didn’t realize it at first because I hadn’t received her name when we first met. When she emailed me back after I had emailed her stating she had won the voucher, she was beyond thrilled and reminded me of our previous conversation.

We stayed in touch off and on throughout her pregnancy and then contacted me when Jake was born, stating they would be in the NICU for an unknown period of time. In October, she contacted me as they were expecting Jake to be discharged within a few weeks. I began planning for his “newborn” session. He would be around 4 months old at this time. Unfortunately, Jake had a few more complications and had to spend even more time in the NICU.

After 185 days in the NICU, baby Jake was finally discharged! He was ready to go home with his loving family! I know his big sisters were just over the moon! Jamie contacted me just before Christmas and we scheduled him in for his Red Deer Newborn Photo Session! At 6 months old! Baby Jake was finally going to make his big debut in front of the camera. This session was such a special session for me to photograph. Jake is such a strong boy. A fighter and warrior for sure! His family, the most selfless and loving family. His big sisters exclaimed to me at one point that “Jake was the best Christmas present ever!” Their comments and love for Jake truly brought tears to my eyes.

I hope you all will join me in welcoming this beautiful boy to this world and shower him with some love and comments. So after all my rambling, please enjoy Jake’s Baby Photos! (At 6 months old!)


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