Red Deer Milestone Photographer: Cecilia

Our baby girl is 10 months old! Ok, ok, I’m a bit late posting these images as she will be 11 months old NEXT week! I can’t believe how fast our time with her has gone by. She is turning into a toddler already! She has 8 teeth now, signs more and is working on signing please and milk. She signed “more please” just yesterday. Proud mama right here!
Here are her 10 month images. Hope you enjoy them!

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Red Deer Milestone Photographer: Sophie is 6 months Old!

Meet Sophie! Little sister to Jake, and gorgeous daughter to Amy and Cody! Sophie turned 6 months old a few weeks ago and came to Triple Ten Photography studios to celebrate her half birthday with a photo session! 2016-05-18_0001

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Studio Makeover

Once again, it has been too long since I have blogged!! A lot has been going on in my world. My husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world on June 27, 2015. The last 6 months have been amazing and so busy!

I have been enjoying maternity leave with my girl, but I’m also always thinking about Triple Ten and ways to improve my business. So during this time off is when I decided it was time for a studio makeover. Except… With a baby now on the move, I knew it would be difficult to do myself. So I enlisted my family’s help and asked to be surprised for Christmas! And it was the best Christmas surprise ever!

I now have all of my props and such organized, neat and tidy. A beautiful client seating area, with the option to offer coffee or tea!

My husband and his buddy built me a gorgeous free standing wood backdrop and floor as well!

Best Christmas gift ever.

Here are some pictures to show it off!


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Red Deer Maternity Photographer: Terri and Allen!

Terri and Allen came to see me on Valentine’s Day for their maternity photos! We started off in the Triple Ten Photography studio with just Terri, who rocked out modeling some gorgeous maternity gowns, and then hit up the great outdoors when Allen arrived.
I can’t wait to meet their little man when he arrives!
Red Deer Maternity


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Red Deer Tween Photographer: A day in Lacombe, AB!


Once again, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged! However, I couldn’t resist sharing as many of these photos as I could and the best way to do it was on a blog 🙂
While I am primarily a newborn and maternity photographer, I am a lover of all types and styles of photography.  I really love learning new things and experimenting with different styles and subjects. So, here we are. I’ve photographed the gorgeous Sam and Meg! They were a delight to photographed and gave me a new spark! I loved everything about their session. From their fun personalities to the locations we chose. Everything was fantastic. If you’re looking for back to school portraits of your older kids, please don’t let the fact that I primarily photograph newborns scare you away. I would love to meet you and your kids to see if we are a match for a custom in the streets session.
Take care, and enjoy!Red Deer Family Photographer 2014-08-19_0002 2014-08-19_0001

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Red Deer Newborn Photographer: Baby L

Logan came to visit me in the studio last month and he was just the sweetest little guy. He hardly fussed at all and his mom and dad were just smitten with him the entire session. I can hardly wait to watch this little guy grow and get him back in the studio again 🙂

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Red Deer Photographer: Join me in my quest to end MS

As we near the end of April, I am finding myself thinking more and more of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness. The month of May is a huge month for creating awareness and for canvassing for donations to support MS. This cause is one that is very near and dear to my heart. There is nothing more I want in my lifetime than for researchers to find a cure.

Some of you may know, but many of you do not; on January 8. 2013, my entire life was turned upside down. I left my doctors office with a diagnosis of MS. I knew what MS was…I had researched it in college. But I didn’t really KNOW what MS was. It was one of those things where you think “that sounds terrible but it will never happen to me”. Was I ever wrong. I spent the next several months trying to figure out what was now my life.

I tried to stay strong, put on a brave face and push forward. Forcing myself to pick up my camera when it seemed like one of the last things I wanted to do (I wanted to do NOTHING) was one of the most therapeutic things I did (among other things, including learning about Young Living Essential Oils and of course support from my amazing husband, family and best friends). I participated in a Project 52 group where we had a photo theme each week and had to report to the group with it. This was so amazing for me because it pushed me to make something good out of my weeks because I was accountable to others- i am proud of my photography and I didn’t want to slack off so I pushed myself to work for it each week (though I will admit to many late submissions of the course of the year).

Slowly my weeks changed from having more bad days than good days to having more good days than bad. I am so thankful to have had photography as one of my constants- and for all of my clients I had in 2013. While you may not have known it at the time, you played a huge role in my healing process.

So, here I am, 15 months later feeling ready to conquer MS. I want to use my camera to help me do this. I am offering family sessions at a discounted rate -$500 (a savings of $250). Of that $500, I will donate 50% ($250). I will also donate 50% of proceeds from all other session types that are booked at their regular price. I would love for you to join me in the search for a cure by booking one of these special sessions in April, May or June.

If you would like to donate directly to the MS Society, please follow this link:

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